Zubair Abid


Undergraduate at IIIT Hyderabad. Work at NLP Lab, Language Technologies Research Center, IIIT Hyderabad.

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I’ve done a few over the past few years

Non-coursework and open-source contributions

  1. Pathfinding Visualiser July 2020

    Implemented a pathfinding visualiser in Vanilla JavaScript that works on the basis of contour terrain maps, and not simply mazes. The grid is inherently a weighted graph, and path choices can be affected by the cost incurred to time or energy utilisation by “uphill” or “downhill” movements. The project included the implementation of the A-star and Djikstra’s algorithms, along with a custom algorithm for natural contoured terrain generation. Link

  2. Discord Quiz Bot March 2020 - Present

    Worked on Harish Krishna’s bot for conducting discord quizzes, that is based on an earlier project by me to implement send-only channels in discord (for pouncing in quizzes). Worked on code cleanup, and added slide-sharing as pictures functionality.

  3. The Neovim Project March 2020 - Present

    Contributing bugfixes to neovim. Link to latest PR

Course Projects

  1. Hybrid MT: Implementation of UVR-NMT April 2020

    Implemented the Neural Machine Translation with Universal Visual Representation paper in a team of two as part of a NLP Applications course project, for EN-FR translation. Also implemented basic Attention for the baseline. Link

  2. Learning Bilingual word embeddings with minimal bilingual data November 2019

    Implemented A robust self-learning method for fully unsupervised cross-lingual mappings of word embeddings in a team of two as part of a NLP course project, for EN-HI data. Link

  3. Sentiment Classification for Bengali News Articles May 2019

    Creating a pipeline for polarity classification of Bengali news articles using multiple methods, and comparing the results using three different methods of evaluation Link

  4. Acronym Disambiguation by word usage Analysis November 2018

    Built a system in a team of two to use the context around the occurrence of an acronym and to make an estimation as to the correct expansion intended to a reasonably high degree of accuracy.

  5. High-Low Game in the Ethereum Blockchain September 2019

    Wrote a smart contract and tests, in a team of two, to play the High-Low House vs Players game in Solidity. Link

  6. Interactive Linux Shell in C October 2018

    Wrote a basic interactive Linux shell interpreter in C, supporting all basic commands like ls and cd, and process management procedures. Link

  7. Proxy Server in Python April 2019

    Made an HTTP web server in a team of two that caches webpages and implements authentication and blacklisting as part of my Computer Networks Assignment. link

  8. Basic Language Model and Tokenizer September 2019

    Built an English Language Tokenizer to correctly identify numbers, email addresses, mentions, currency values, and more. Runs 5x faster than NLTK’s default word_tokenize.

    Made a basic n-gram language model, applied Kneyser-Ney Smoothing, and evaluated it. link

  9. Comparison of Image Classification techniques and Dimensionality reduction methods November 2019

    As part of our Statistical Methods in AI course, analysed different techniques for Image Classification using various datasets. Also compared multiple dimensionality reduction methods (Eigenfaces, Fisherfaces, Resnet) to gauge the most effective. link

  10. Analysis of Gendered Pronoun Usage in Corporate Environments April 2018

    Analysed an extension of the Enron email corpus to note patterns in usage of gender-neutral pronouns across social strata in a corporate environment Link

  11. Flight Simulator in C++ OpenGL March 2019

    Made an OpenGL 3D flight game as part of Computer Graphics course. Link

  12. Infinite Runner in C++ OpenGL February 2019

    Made an 2D OpenGL flight game inspired by Jetpack Joyride, as part of Computer Graphics course. Link

  13. Mario Game in Python September 2018

    Made an implementation of Mario on the terminal without sprites, pygame, or any external libraries other than numpy and colorama. Link

  14. Instagram clone April 2018

    As part of our ITWS-II course, made an Instagram clone with Flask (Python), JQuery, and AJAX Requests with support for posting, liking, commenting, following, and notifications. Team of two. Link

Miscellaneous Projects

  1. E-Cell IIIT Hyderabad Website June 2018

    Led a team of three to completely redesign the Website for E-Cell, IIIT Hyderabad. Used Jekyll as a static site generator. Link

  2. Megathon 2018 Website July 2018

    Redesigned and deployed the website for Megathon 2018. Link

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