13 November 2019

Welcome to the blog!

by Zubair Abid


I’ve experimented previously with multiple blogging platforms, but none of them have particularly worked. On the other hand, I really liked how plaintext/markdown Static Site Generators have felt, when using them to build other websites in the past.

That being said, I haven’t really explored all options among these aforesaid bogging platforms. It’s clear to me I do not want to host it on Wordpress, or for that matter Medium1. I’ve tried both, and neither work. I could try Ghost - I guess.

It seems the best option thus would be to self-host something (as far as the definition stretches in this day and age) on something like Netlify, or Github Pages, or even AWS, or any other cloud service provider. “True” self-hosting demands that I set up my own server, eh well who’s gonna do that?

So while I currently use Github Pages, blogs I’ve read are convincing me to try out new providers like Netlify; I may even switch to Hugo. Migration should hopefully not be a pain, given the bulk of the content is plaintext. I may need to modify the front matter, if I do - it should not be a concern as such.

  1. My reasons are largely covered in this, wait for it, Medium blog. https://medium.com/@nikitonsky/medium-is-a-poor-choice-for-blogging-bb0048d19133 

tags: blogging - writing - exploring
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