13 December 2020

Using Caps Lock as both Escape and Control

by Zubair Abid

Update, 2021-08-21: I currently use dual function keys instead. Check this post

My keyboard is configured (at the OS software level) to recognise a tap of the Caps Lock key as Escape, and holding it down as Control. Why? Ergonomic benefits, RSI, etc. It isn’t perfect, but better than the default for specific use cases (that I meet).

I used Danny Guo’s blog, more specifically caps2esc. This post is to note some specifics/quirks.

There are a few general quirks with respect to getting used to it, but it’s a solid mod otherwise, well worth doing.

  1. An example - pressing Ctrl+Left and expecting to go back one word in Google Docs. Will not work. 

tags: linux - ergonomics - emacs pinky - configuration - setup
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