13 December 2020

60% Keyboard (Ducky One 2 Mini) configuration - Part 1

by Zubair Abid

I recently got a Ducky One 2 Mini. It’s pretty good, and the 60% layout is almost perfect for me 1. But I have a couple of concerns/use cases for which I need to configure the keyboard slightly:

This will be done entirely with Ducky’s internal configuration – at the keyboard software level – using keyboard profiles and macros. To get a hang of that, check your manual. The instructions will assume 0 knowledge of these functions, but it’s best if you do figure it out.

The keyboard

` in place of Escape

(Reminder: my Escape key is actually a Caps Lock, so I don’t mind losing it. The process will make Caps Lock inaccessible.)

This is achieved by setting up a macro to register ` when the Escape key is pressed.

Function next to Spacebar

For this, I used the DIP switches on the back of the keyboard. Check this reddit post if you want to understand how they work.

We’ll be using a single feature – switch 1. Switch it to the “ON” position. This changes the layout as follows:

The change brought about by switch 1

Swap out the keycaps accordingly.

Dedicated Arrow keys 2

This is achieved with macros, enabling the DIP switch 1, and sacrificing the right control array – (Right) Alt, Super, Control, and Shift are replaced by Left, Down, Right, and Up respectively. You might wish to change these keys if any of them are part of your daily keyboard shortcuts. If, for example, you want to switch l, ;, ', and p instead, enabling DIP 1 isn’t necessary either.

We follow the macro recording procedure again. I suggest you use the Left Alt key and not the Right Alt for the recording process.

This will only be active in your profile configured, so you can switch to it only for very specific case, as I do.


  1. Ideally I’d like a 65% keyboard because I do really like arrow keys. But the only option I had for a keyboard that wasn’t full-sized and still had arrow keys were a few TKL options. Now I wouldn’t straight up mind it, but the keycap options weren’t as pretty, and I’m not going to go buy ~ 2k worth of keycaps after buying a keyboard worth 8-9k (INR). Kind of a weird reason, but I don’t use arrow keys that much. Except for in certain circumstances. Which is why this is a blog, because I need to document the circumstances and how to set the keyboard up accordingly. 

  2. Turns out, I’m an idiot. It’s a PC game. I can change the keys in setting to anything I want. I don’t need the arrow keys.  2

  3. Macros can be mapped to full sentences. All actions done will be recorded, such as an errant typo or a backspace, recorded at the speed that the macro was typed out in the first place.  2

  4. In order to reset the macros in a particular profile, one can press Fn + Backspace. The Escape key will light up once to confirm this.  2

tags: mechanical keyboard - configuration - setup
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